ポール・ワイルズ 新作 - New Images

D800e 46 PI.  An outdoor cafe on a side street in St. Remy de Provence.  Provence, France D800e_46_PI
D800e 40 PI.  An old and faded painting on a cement wall above a wooden ledge in St. Remy de Provence.  Provence, France D800e_40_PI
D800e 134 PI.  An abandoned farmhouse, overgrown with flowers, trees, and grasses.  St. Remy de Provence, France, Europe D800e_134_PI
D800e 110 PI.  The 'Saint Louis' power generating station of the late 19th century in St. Remey de Provence.  Provence, France, Europe D800e_110_PI
D800e 43 PI.  Smoke Bush amonst a brace of trees.  St. Remy de Provence, France D800e_43_PI
D800e 132 PI.  The medieval hilltop fortress village of Mur, near Gordes, at early morning.  Provence, France, Europe D800e_132_PI
D800e 39 PI.  A midieval an unusual structure adjacent to the midieval village church of Murs.  The Vacluse, Provence, France. D800e_39_PI
D800e PI.  A children's puppet show setting up on an early morning next to the village of Murs.  Provence, France, Europe D800e_121_PI
D800e 117 PI.  Shortly after sunrise in the hilltop village of Murs.  Provence, France, Europe D800e_117_PI
D800e 140 PI.  The farmland beneath the hilltop, fortress village of Gordes at early morning.  Provence, France D800e_140_PI
D800e 116 PI.  A 'downtown' restaurant at sunrise in the hilltop village of Gordes.  Provence, France, Europe D800e_116_PI
D800e 115 PI.  A portion of 'downtown' Gordes shortly after sunrise.  Provence, France, Europe D800e_115_PI
D800e 11 PI.  Entering the village and town square of Gordes on a early summer morning.  The Vacluse, Provence, France. D800e_11_PI
D800e 10 PI.  The town square and center of the village of Gordes.  The Vacluse, Provence, France, Europe. D800e_10_PI
D800e 114 PI.  Medieval tower near the center of Gordes. The Vaucluse, Provence, France, Europe D800e_114_PI
D800e 109 PI.  A door with integrated shutters on a home in Fontvieille.  Provence, France, Europe D800e_109_PI
D800e 113 PI.  An ornate and dated gate opens to a villa in the village of Fontvieille, Provence.  France, Europe D800e_113_PI
D800e 93 PI.  An artisan, wood door opens to a medieval home in Fontvieille.  Provence, France, Europe. D800e_93_PI
D800e 38 PI.  An unual painting over a window shutter in the village of Fontvieille, Provence, France. D800e_38_PI
D800e PI 90.  A patriotic statue in downtown Moussane.  Provence, France, Europe. D800e_90_PI
D800e 71 PI.  The main entrance to the village of Fontvieille.  Provence, France. D800e_71_PI

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