ポール・ワイルズ 新作 - New Images

D3X 191 PI.  The plaza adjacent to the Duomo in downtown Florence, Italy D3X_191_PI
D3X_99 D3X_99
LF 371 PI. Lone Pine Peak & Mt. Whitney from the Alabama Hills shortly after sunrise. Eastern Sierra, CA LF_371_PI
LF 520 PI. Lone Pine Peak and Mt. Whitney from the Alabama Hill LF_520_PI
MF 190 PI.  Late fall and sunset at Sinkyone State Park, King Range and the Lost Coast, CA MF_190_PI
LF 177 PI.  A field of cultivated California Poppies at late spring.  Marion County, Willamette Valley, OR LF_177_PI
SF 2153 PI.  Hoar frost, snow, and unpicked apples in the middle of winter.  Cass County, Iowa SF_2153_PI
MF 518 PI.  Lenticular clouds form over a wintry northern New Mexico landscape near Ledouex, Mora County. MF_518_PI
MF 516 PI.  A frozen pond in the Carson National Forest near Cimarron, NM MF_516_PI
MF 510 PI.  Near the headwaters of the Gila river on a cold winter morning.  Gila Wilderness, NM MF_510_PI
LF 507.  Abstract formations, discontinuities, and striations in Zion Natioinal Park, UT LF_507_PI
LF 511 PI.  Fremont cottonwood in full fall color.  Zion Natinal Park, UT LF_511_PI
MF 506 PI.  Palo Verde trees glow after a rare, late summer rain.  Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Ca MF_506_PI
MF 505 PI.  Palo Verde trees in an arroyo refreshed after a late summer rain.  Anza- Borrego Desert State Park, CA MF_505_PI
SF 7 PI.  A two mule pack train and guide ascend Armstrong Redwoods State Park, CA SF_7_PI
LF 115 PI.  An abstract and eroded formation of the shoreline at Salt Point State Park, CA LF_115_PI
MF 504 PI.  Old barn complex in rural San Luis Obispo County, CA MF_504_PI
MF 503 PI.  Mixed poppies front an old storage shed in the wine country of Sonoma County, CA MF_503_PI
MF 294 PI.  Sunset across the rolling hills of the Chileno Valley at late summer.  Marin County, CA MF_294_PI
LF 79 PI.  The tarn beneath the north face of Broken Top at sunrise.  Three Sisters Wilderness, OR LF_79_PI
MF 127 PI.  A dusting of snow remains on the branches of fall vine maple.  Silver Falls State Park, OR MF_127_PI

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